Dehydration resulted due to not drinking sufficient amount of water is among the most common issues with most people & it might trigger other health issues. For senior citizens, it might cause even a greater trouble, since the thirst system which a person to drink more water loses its efficiency with age. So it’s necessary for you to recognize other ways to identify your thirst.

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Ideally, adults are suggested to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, however, this amount tends to vary not simply from one person to other but also due to other factors such as the activity levels & climate conditions. Some folks who think that consuming liquids other than water will help them make up for those 8 glasses. However, any beverage which contains a high amount of caffeine acts as a diuretic which dehydrates you ultimately. Also, the sugar present inside these beverages causes other issues which might create further trouble. The truth is, water that is unadulterated & clean water is the healthiest liquid you could drink.

According to research, around 2 out of 3 people are typically dehydrated at any moment. However, before you actually feel thirsty there could be additional indications which tell you that you’re already dehydrated. The main indication is obviously color of your urine. In fact, it is the best indicator which tells you that you’re dehydrated.

If an individual urinates irregularly or whenever he/she does the color of the urine is dark, then this might be an indication that they’re dehydrated. Normally, your urine color should be light yellow, however, there might be some twist here also. Vitamin B-2 which is a major component in most multivitamins could change your urine color to appear it bright yellow. Hence, anyone who’s on supplements must keep this thing in their mind.

Making Water a Delightful Drink:

  1. Add some fresh lime or lemon before you drink it. You might even try sliced cucumbers as an alternative.


  1. Add some extract of natural peppermint leaves in your water-container.


  1. Coconut water can be a great substitute for sports drinks. It contains plenty of electrolytes and potassium which provides you with an instant energy burst.


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